Sunday, September 6, 2009

MMS - A Miracle Cure for Cancers, AIDS, Hepatitis etc

“This Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS for short) was discovered in 2000 by Jim Humble. At the time, he was using activated Oxygen water, which have been around for 80 years and consists of Sodium Chlorite in distilled water to cure a large percentage of Malaria victims in Africa and South America, as well as eliminating parasites and numerous other weird diseases you often hear about from third world countries.

Jim was not satisfied with partial success and his research led him to discover that if you mix a citric acid solution (or lemon juice, or vinegar) with the Sodium Chlorite, and wait 3 minutes to activate, it would produce Chlorine Dioxide, perhaps the worlds best pathogen killer of all time. He had 100% cure rate of over 75,000 malaria patients and 388 out of 390 documented aids patients. It was achieved by using the MMS to create Chlorine Dioxide.

Additionally, countless Aids, Hepatitis A, B and C cases were cured.— Not just improved, cured! Why haven’t I heard about this? (You ask) Because a simple inexpensive cure is suppressed by the pharmaceutical companies, and the FDA here in the U.S., especially if it is easy to obtain, is dirt cheap and can be made in your kitchen. In other words, there is no money in it since it is a fairly quick and cheap cure, not a drug you must buy forever! As most of you know, Cancer, Diabetes, ulcers, Lyme disease, pain of all types and even arthritis is said to be caused by microbes. What you may not know is thatmicrobes are now thought to be “pleomorphic”. (Please remember this term—there will be a quiz later.)

Pleomorphic means that a benign (that means harmless) microbe can mutate into bacteria, viral forms. fungus and then back to a virus or that the same microbe can take on different morphologies; for instance the most common Lyme microbe, Borrelia burgdorferi can exist balled up in a capsule or cyst form or can exist in a cell wall-deficient form know as the L-form as well as in two other forms. In other words, microbial form is environmentally dependant. These buggers are smart and it is the reason why antibiotics (which are only good for killing certain bacteria) are often totally ineffective– especially when Dr’s are trying to kill a virus with an antibiotic.

Fortunately for each of us individually and for mankind in general, Chlorine Dioxide does not care what the pathogen is be it a virus, bacteria, fungus, mold or parasite–it will kill it—dead—sayonara. And guess what, a two year supply is about $20. (About the price of your co-pay for Viagra) Is it safe? Yes. Extremely safe. It is not the same as Chlorine added to the city water supply to sterilize the water.

That Chlorine will form all types of “Chlorides” which are often carcinogenic and have shown to cause arthrosclerosis. (A big word that means artery problems). Inside the body, chlorine dioxide breaks down into 2 oxygen atoms and a minute amount of table salt, when it is finished killing the bad guys. Then it is excreted from the body within a few hours. (Thanks to Rueben Joswiak for sharing this. – JWD)

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